Gregory Ray

Senior Global Analyst, North America Headquarters

Independent Project Analysis Inc.

After joining Independent Project Analysis Inc. in 2007, Greg Ray worked in the Virginia office evaluating projects in both the upstream (oil & gas) and downstream business areas. He led the analysis on a wide range of projects, including site benchmarkings and single project benchmarkings for both the chemicals and refining industries. In 2009, IPA had Ray relocate to Beijing, China, to spearhead its operations in both China and Mongolia. He spent eight years running operations in China for IPA and leading the analysis of a large number of complicated China and regional projects, including spearheading the China Study II and China Study III to create baseline adjustment factors for China wage rates, productivities and materials and equipment adjustments. In 2017, Ray returned to IPA’s Virginia headquarters. Since coming back to the North America region, Ray has continued his evaluations of complex projects and megaprojects across the whole range of industries covered by IPA, and is currently directing IPA’s efforts into data integration on capital projects. He has a B.S. (finance), B.A. (philosophy), and B.A. (literature) from Boston College and an MBA from Beijing University.