Steven A. Todd

Vice President

Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association

Steven Todd, began his transportation career as a self-employed consultant in both the civil engineering and public transportation industry, specializing in funding and organizing public transportation initiatives throughout Illinois. This led to a career with the Illinois Department of Transportation where Mr. Todd oversaw areas including oversize/overweight permits, fixed weigh stations, and public transportation earning a reputation amongst specialized carriers for achieving permit policy harmonized successes that carried over to other Midwestern states. Upon his retirement with IDOT in 2012, Mr. Todd has been employed with Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association in Washington, D.C. where he currently serves the world-wide trade association as Vice President of Transportation advocating for safe, efficient and harmonized regulatory policies. In this role, Mr. Todd has been selected twice as an FHWA consultant for initiatives involving permit system automation and pilot car certification. He currently serves on both the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Emergency Route Working Group and the National Coalition on Truck Parking as well as the American Association of Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) National Advisory Committee.